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March brings fresh EV records to Italy’s car market

Italy’s EV sales get a substantial boost in March as the first quarter of 2021 ends with electrifying new records. The year started with rather soft numbers following a brilliant end to 2020, but a notable shift in pace now … Continue reading

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February EV market share grows in Italy: +123% YoY

The race to electrification continues in Europe. As car markets find their way out of the pandemic, EVs leave a greater mark month after month. Italy sees stronger sales in February following a soft start to the year, as all … Continue reading

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Volvo is planning its own public fast charging network in Italy

2021 is quickly shaping up to be a crucial year for electric cars. As the world thrusts itself out of a pandemic and government policies clearly target sustainability through huge recovery funds, the shift to electric mobility is gaining pace. … Continue reading

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Plug-ins off to a soft January start in Italy’s car market

Italy’s plug-in car market saw a rather soft start to 2021, following a sparkling end of 2020 which was marked by a sense of exuberance. January sales figures show a combination of the hangover from year end, as well as … Continue reading

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Italy’s EV charging infrastructure is about to get a high-power boost

As Europe accelerates its transition to electric mobility, a key factor many countries are focusing on for a successful shift is their charging infrastructure. Italy’s electric car market is just now starting to get noticed, and while its limited network … Continue reading

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Italy’s EV market tripled in 2020 – Can it triple again this year?

The ugly duckling of electric mobility among Europe’s top car markets is finally turning into a swan. We are talking about Italy, home to so many historic motor brands, where a once almost inexistent EV market is now blossoming into … Continue reading

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Fiat 500e dominates Italy’s EV market in December – BEVs grow eightfold!

The year of coronavirus has just ended on a high note for EV markets throughout Europe. With traditional car sales down everywhere by double digit percentages, electric cars have taken charge, offering a taste of things to come. This is … Continue reading

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November breaks Italy’s EV sales records as Fiat 500e enters market

November marks yet another fantastic month for the rise of electric mobility in Italy, the fourth largest European car market, as EV sales break records once again. Meanwhile, traditional car sales struggle as their share of fiscal stimulus ends. With … Continue reading

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Italy’s EV market surge continues in October – BEVs triple again Year on Year

Italy’s car market consolidates its recovery from the Spring lows in October, as sales rebound to last year’s levels. Meanwhile, the road to electrification continues, with exponential growth trends reaffirmed in the country and across Europe.

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Tesla Model 3 leads September EV surge in Italy as market triples year on year

EV adoption in 2020 is skyrocketing in most European countries, with governments’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic focusing on a green recovery. As we enter the last few months of the year, the effects of these environmental policies and the … Continue reading

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