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The future of energy is now. Clean, renewable, limitless sources are taking over. It’s Energy 2.0!

Volvo is planning its own public fast charging network in Italy

2021 is quickly shaping up to be a crucial year for electric cars. As the world thrusts itself out of a pandemic and government policies clearly target sustainability through huge recovery funds, the shift to electric mobility is gaining pace. … Continue reading

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Italy’s EV charging infrastructure is about to get a high-power boost

As Europe accelerates its transition to electric mobility, a key factor many countries are focusing on for a successful shift is their charging infrastructure. Italy’s electric car market is just now starting to get noticed, and while its limited network … Continue reading

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1.35 cents/kWh: Record Abu Dhabi solar bid is a sober reminder to upbeat fossil fuel pundits

A rather meaningful piece of energy news went almost unnoticed in recent weeks. The Abu Dhabi Power Corporation announced the lowest tariff for solar energy in the world. The new record came as the winning bid for the upcoming 2 … Continue reading

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Has Elon Musk just engineered the short burn of the century?

Tesla shorts may be in for a treat, as Elon Musk has just set the stage for an unprecedented “burn of the century”. By now, everybody knows Tesla’s CEO set Twitter and financial media on fire last Tuesday as he … Continue reading

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Bloomberg’s Tesla “cash burn” theories up for test as make-or-break H1 ’18 comes to an end

It is make-or-break time for both Tesla and its detractors, as an historical first half of 2018 comes to a wrap in the next few days. A Tesla news overload through the past year has resulted in a wild and … Continue reading

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Tesla’s next short squeeze: will stock go “Supernova”?

Discussions about a possible new epic “short squeeze” on Tesla stock are trending these days. The company is going through the most important transition in its young history, as the electric car and energy company strives to achieve mass market … Continue reading

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Fully Charged Live Show rocks Silverstone F1 track

Fully Charged, the popular YouTube channel hosted by British actor and electric cars’ advocate Robert Llewellyn, reached the next level last weekend as it turned into a live exhibition at Silverstone, UK’s famous F1 track. Thousands – including me – … Continue reading

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Tesla celebrates progress with new short Youtube video

Tesla has just released a new video, almost a teaser, seemingly meant to celebrate the company’s achievements and progress to date. It’s sure to cause a lot of buzz among Tesla enthusiasts (and detractors!), as it shows what looks like … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia’s $200 billion solar bet

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman revealed on Tuesday a Memorandum of Understanding with Japanese group SoftBank to invest $200 billion dollars in the development of a 200 GW solar power plant in Saudi Arabia. You read it right, $200 … Continue reading

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Norwegian winter EV test finds surprise winner

Any EV enthusiast knows that Norway is a country of early adopters, so much so that it actually keeps breaking records. Thanks to a generous incentive regime, something like half of all new car sales in the Scandinavian country are … Continue reading

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